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> Investing in an ethical portfolio

At Churchill Ethical Investment, we will work with you to help ensure that your investment portfolio meets your specific ethical and socially responsible investment criteria.

These criteria may include, for example, screening investment in certain types of companies for ethical reasons or including certain types of firms with positive ethical or environmental practices in your investment portfolio.

We will also look to ensure that your investments sit in the most tax efficient arrangements possible. One type of account that we use a lot with clients is a stocks & share ISA account. This is because any investment growth within an ISA account is tax free, any income produced inside an ISA account is tax free and any withdrawals from an ISA account are tax free.

While the amount someone can add to an ISA each tax year is limited, over time stocks and shares ISA accounts can become an extremely valuable and key part of a robust, holistic financial plan.


For more information regarding investing in an ethical portfolio within a stocks and shares ISA, please contact us on 0117 923 7652 or alternatively email us at

When investing your capital is at risk.
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