Mosaique, Morocco

Shariah Investments Funds

At Churchill Ethical Investment we are passionate about helping clients structure their financial plans and investments so that they are consistent with their ethical values.

For many Muslim investors making financial arrangements which are Shariah compliant is of paramount importance. From an investment perspective we help Muslim investors achieve this by investing through Shariah funds.

Shariah funds are Islamic investments funds which are managed so that they are Shariah compliant.

Traditionally they have been predominately purchased by Muslim investors. Churchill Ethical Investment is skilled at designing well diversified portfolios of these funds for Mulsim investors. We design these portfolios so they are not only be consistent with your faith based investment values but also your attitude to risk, investment objectives and investment timelines.

Each Shariah fund has a fund manager who picks the basket of assets such as stocks which sit within the fund.

The fund manager determines Shariah-compliant investments for the fund by screening and selecting from a large universe of potential investments that would meet the fund’s traditional financial investment objectives. As you would expect, Shariah funds tend to avoid investment in certain sectors which are non Shariah-compliant such as alcohol, gambling and non-halal and pork meat industries.


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