Green ethical funds - renewable energy countryside

> Which Ethical Investment?

For UK retail investors (private individuals) there are a growing number of green and ethical funds available to purchase.

Constructing a well-diversified portfolio from these funds, which is consistent with your risk profile and ethical values can be quite complicated.

However, this is our expertise. In addition, once we have designed an appropriate portfolio for you, we can actively manage your investments in order to give them the best possible opportunity to grow.

> Green and ethical funds

Green and Ethical Funds are also commonly known as Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds. These types of funds typically aim to avoid investment in certain types of businesses and industries while focusing investment into companies and industries which provide social and/or environmental benefits. Some of the industry’s most commonly excluded (negatively screened) sectors include the Sin Stocks (alcohol, armaments, tobacco, gambling, pornography) along with companies involved with animal testing for cosmetic purposes, genetic engineering, nuclear power and intensive farming.

> Green Technology and Climate Change funds

Green Technology and Climate Change funds, also commonly known as ‘thematic’ funds, aim to invest in companies in specific green sectors such as alternative and renewable energy, carbon-offsetting and sustainable timber.

> Our Portfolios

At Churchill Ethical Investment we use combinations of these funds to create well balanced portfolios. We have a series of risk-rated model portfolios and are also happy to create bespoke portfolios for investors with specific ethical criteria.